Flowering Wild Pear

Flowering Wild Pear

Spring officially started on 21st September 2012 – and just on time the flowering wild pear caught my attention in my garden in Noordhoek, South Africa.

Flowering Wild Pear Image by Bianca Gubalke

Flowering Wild Pear

While the flowering wild pear with its beautiful fragrance resembles the ‘real’ pear tree in full bloom (Pyrus communis), it is not related to it. The white flowers of this so-called Dombeya rotundifolia appear in early spring with little fruit capsules starting to grow in each center. The petals eventually turn brown and dry until they fly away.

My wild pear is quite high and I cannot get really close to the blossoms as I like when taking these sort of pictures. But here the light fascinated me – or rather the absence of it. This digital photo was taken in the early morning, when the first rays of the sun crept over the mountain and filtered through the trees, touching just this branch with its little bouquet.

Web Design with Passion - Showcase 2012

Web Design with Passion

Digital Photography is a critical part of why I stand for ‘Web Design with Passion’ . Each photo has its purpose and will be integrated sooner or later!




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