Soldier beetles

red soldier-beetle

Soldier beetles Wonderful warm sunny days! Who could wish for more after the cold winter and late spring. If you look closely in your garden you may notice how much wildlife there is enjoying the warm weather.  Butterflies, bees, damselflies and soldier beetles!  Rectangular , orange coloured with long antennae. The garden is absolutely inundated with...
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Butterfly Count


Butterfly Count Have you seen many butterflies in your garden, local park or open space? The bad summer of 2012 and the long cold spring of 2013 have been difficult times for many butterfly species and numbers have fallen dramatically in some areas. I have seen very few butterflies this year so far but we do...
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Frogspawn time


Frogspawn time At last we see frogspawn in the pond and in abundance too and that’s certainly good news. With the wet 2012 we saw many more slugs in the garden than usual. With all the rain we have been having this year so far in our corner of Essex I imagine the slug...
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Zimbabwe Creeper

Zimbabwe Creeper

Zimbabwe Creeper If this tiny- completely untouched but reduced (yes!) – detail of an original digital photo of a Zimbabwe Creeper in my garden in Noordhoek, South Africa, looks different from other pictures taken before, guess why!   Zimbabwe Creeper See the original, untouched (but obviously reduced) image of the Zimbabwe Creeper straight from...
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